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‘Are some people simply born to succeed, while others are born to fail?’ Science says ‘No!’ As human beings, the ability to learn and grow is encoded in our DNA. We have a virtually infinite potential for success.

Of course, when it comes to our DNA, what turns the potential into the actual is the quality of our experiences – especially in the first 15 years of life. Our DNA provides the potential, but it is our experiences that release that potential, to shape it, focus it and hopefully, turn it into what the world recognises as success.

MindChamps was founded almost two decades ago, on the belief that if we understand howwe learn, we can find the best ways of targeting and releasing the potential in every child.

Our ‘3-Mind’ approach to education, as outlined in the book The 3-Mind Revolution, written a few years ago by myself and Brian Caswell – our Dean of Research and Programme Development – is based on the trinity of the Learning Mind, the Creative Mind and the Champion Mind. It is an approach that has become synonymous with the success of MindChamps in preparing young people from Preschool to Tertiary level, and it continues to underpin all that we do.

In the world of the IT Revolution and Google, simply possessing information no longer gives us an advantage. It is the ability to innovate – to use that information in creative and original ways – that will differentiate the successful from the rest.

MindChamps is constantly researching ways to liberate and train the instinct for creativity and problem-solving that is encoded into the DNA of all our young champs.

Let us travel together on the journey to fully express the true potential of all children.


David Chiem
Founder CEO and Executive Chairman


To nurture the power of human potential for a better tomorrow

At MindChamps, it is our passionate belief that if we are to stay ahead of the curve, we must strive, at every opportunity, to break through the old modes of thinking. Our mission is to challenge and improve education standards globally, for we believe that the 21st Century – what we call the ‘Century of the Mind’ – is a time to be living and learning for the future.

Education Enables

MindChamps is committed to the creation of educational opportunities where they would not otherwise exist.

  • Heart
  • Integrity
  • Prosperity
  • Growth
  • Expansion

The Core Themes come alive when we strike a balance between the creative and practical, the individual and team, hard work and the sheer pleasure of achievement.